the commercial Quest for longevity

Immortal Ventures

"Aim for the company of Immortals" - David Ogilvy

"Death is mankind's final stupidity" - Tim O'Leary

"When life gets 'too good to die', bring on commercially available Biological Immortality!" - Dr Frank R Wallace

Immortal Ventures Mandate

 Yesterday's VC model seeks early exit, squeezing the lifeblood out of Founders. Tomorrow's VC model built on distributed data, open platforms and liquid equity, allows for a broader outlook and longer term view. 

Bottom line: We are intelligent matchmakers, connecting viable startups with passionate investors, committed to the genuine commercial success of radical lifestyle optimization and life extension technologies. 

Fund 1:

Creating the positive emotional fuel for an inspired life that moves us towards global commercial interest in radical life extension. 

  • Recreation & Lifestyle
  • Habitation & Work-Life Balance
  • Communications & Social Connectivity

Fund 2:

Exploring the cutting edge science of radical health improvement. 

  • Bio Rejuvenation, Treatments & Spa's 
  • Bio-cybernetic Security
  • Bio Enhancement

Connecting Talent and Funds for Life's Ultimate Quest

Investments in radical innovation for a perfectly optimized life


If you are looking to raise funds in the areas of radical life or radical health innovation, send us your polished pitch deck (or at least the scrappy draft you've got so far) and our committee will advise how we might be able to support you.

longevity startups


If you are looking for moonshot opportunities in radical lifestyle or health innovation, our prospectus details the most compelling business cases that we see coming to fruition in the coming decades.

longevity investors

Impact Investing for the next 10,000 years and beyond